Amiens, on arrive!

So, tomorow, I’m off to Amiens, to complete the production of All Is Not Lost, a new dual- site installation for Musee Picardie and Les Hortillionages .  It has come from the encounters and site visits I made at the start of my artist residency at Fabrica Gallery, its a fruit of the cross-border programme, Out of the Blue Woad Waide programme. .

I have 18th – 27th June to complete the production work, with the help of 6 intern artists assistants from the Faculty of Arts, and organised by Sophie, who is the very efficient and supportive Woad Waide project director, and we install the first part of the work at the Museum next Monday and the second part the following friday, just before it opens on Saturday 28th.

It’s a doppelganger work, which I will talk more about next time, a textile sculpture that will sit in the Museum entrance area (see photo above) and its twin will sit in a cabin on the magical Isle Perdue (the lost island, owned by Monsieur and Madame Perdu /Lost, — yes really!). The island is one of many in an area called Les Hortillionages and opens as part of a massive Festival of Arts, Cities and Landscape. , alongside many other works commissioned and live events organised by the Maison de la Culture, (which I plan to visit as was so busy on my first visit that I did not get the chance..)

I am particularly excited as someone who used to live in France 20 years ago (Paris in my twenties) and has always wanted to return and make work there – and get to speak French again whilst doing it!

There is a lot to prepare, and I will write as often as I can…will use twitter too (@burningthebooks) and update my artist facebook page. when I get the chance.


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