About this blog

Writings about my artist residency at Fabrica this year. Writings mainly about my encounters with others as the residency unfolds – and the space in between, which is the work I make, whether visible or not. New ideas and connections, possibilities and insights that occur as a result of me bumping up against other humans on the way.

Burning the Books, Blank (2013) Photo: Sogand Bahram

Burning the Books, Blank (2013) Photo: Sogand Bahram

I’m writing this blog as part of my agreement with Fabrica, to narrate what happens during these next four months and how what happens affects what I do, say , think and feel on the themes that we have in common. And I am fortunate that writing – mainly in the form of blogging – is an important and growing part of my practice. So needs and wants collide and hopefully this will be a mutually fulfilling relationship..it certainly feels that way so far.

I may take this next part out if it appears a level up on the Fabrica site, but here is some of  what I originally wrote for Fabrica, to sum up what my line of enquiry would be on this residency, in response to the ideas / themes informing this year’s exhibition programme :

‘In all our interactions with each other we enter into both unspoken and explicit agreements, many of these sited within a spectrum of balance, which could be seen as gift at one end and debt at the other.

Through this residency, I want to broaden my enquiry into the nature and impact of social exchange – either in or out of balance – and how it relates to the ideas of societal fairness, generosity, equality and altruism, taking on board scientific and anthropological perspectives. What is the individual’s role within the cycle of giving and receiving that constitutes human economy, beyond that of consumer?

How as artists do we make visible alternative kinds of ‘currencies’ and ‘capital’ (social, cultural, emotional) that are increasingly required in these times of extreme financial constraint? What is our role in affecting social change?  I will use some of these questions as a point of departure to create encounters in the venue and the city to facilitate dialogues and playful interventions, both individual and collective’.

No doubt this ‘About’ section will evolve as we go along, given the complex nature of all the interwoven themes, may become a piece in itself.


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